The right shoe

Shoeing a horse or pony is more than only shoeing a piece of iron under the shoe. It concerns not only the shoes but the whole body. Precision work at the shoes can make big differences for the shoulders, hips or knees. 


Sport horses and recreation horses

Especially sport horses ask a lot from the horse shoes. In jumping stables a lot of attention must be paid to the normal shoe, to the right amount of grip that a horse has. Also dressage horses cannot without good shoes and even different recreation horses need shoes. A number of horses have problems with the tendon or wrong leg positions. With the right shoe, shoeing-forge René Pot resets or limits the problems.


Good shoes for a healthy horse

To shoe a horse for one time is not difficult. The difficulty is just to keep the horse walking: healthy. A fixed scheme (every 7 to 8 weeks), can be recommended. When the blacksmith comes to your home regularly, the care of the horseshoe is kept updated. With the right horse shoe you prevent problems with the tendon and wrong leg positions of your horse.


Do you want to pare and/or to shoe your horse with patience and trust? Then you are at the right address at the shoeing-forge René Pot. You can always contact us. You can go to the blacksmith also for paring mules, goats and sheep.