Shoeing-forge René Pot keeps your horse healthy and walking

Every blacksmith loves horses. For René it is the same. But the shoeing-forge René Pot offers you more. To shoe a horse or a pony is more than simply shoeing a piece of iron under his horseshoe. René Pot is a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Hoefsmeden (NVvH) and certified Euro-Farrier (EFFA). As a qualified blacksmith and loving horses, his shoeing-forge keeps your horse healthy and running.


Paring en shoeing

In addition to paring and shoeing your horse or pony, you also can go to the shoe-forge to pare mules, goats and sheep. He also has enough care products for these animals. You can go to the blacksmith even for shearing sheep.


Mobile forge

To keep it easy for you, it is not necessary to go to the blacksmith. The mobile forge of René Pot has all the necessary things: the right equipment and of course an big supply of horse shoes and nails. Shoeing-forge René Pot takes away all your problems and comes to visit you. Do you have questions or you like to make an appointment? Contact the forge.


The working area of shoeing-forge René Pot is mostly in East-Brabant and Limburg. But even when you live outside these regions, you always can contact us.